12/10/2013 02:00

It has a dedicated theater in Tokyo's Akihabara ( Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sotokanda ) " AKB48 theater " the ( Eke Bee Forty Eight Theater ) , and doing a performance almost every day in daily to each team as a concept is "idle whom you can go and see ," [2 ] I is characterized . You feel close to idle was distant through the mass media , have a look at the process fan growing up that , it is idle to continue to grow together .

Television appearances · CM increased from around 2009 on the other hand , it is also supposed "idle to see in the mass media " in Japan today , and has made a name recognition in general. Members working in any individual (such as a talent model ) other than the core business is increasing .

That members of many are enrolled very features . Is sometimes misunderstood number of members to be 48 people from the group name " AKB48 " , but actually is a large family close to 100 people to suit the student and regular members .

2013 currently , JKT48 · SNH48 · TPE48 exists SKE48 · NMB48 · HKT48, outside of Japan in Japan as a sister group , and is also referred to as " AKB48 Group ", " Group 48 " as a generic term for sister group .